A Guide To Kangaroo Island One-day Tour

Kangaroo island is one of the most popular places to visit in the South Australia and it is situated on 12 km from the Adelaide. The highlights of this island is that it is dense with the wild life and not only the wild life but also the best hotels, seas. Although some of this could be covered in one-day tour but if you want to spend more than one day then it is your choice. There would be number of guides which will give you information about what you can do and some of these are listed in this article as well to guide you about your kangaroo island one-day tour.

What is not to miss?

The beach is famous on the kangaroo island and is full of the beautiful sea lions, whenever you visit the kangaroo island, do not miss the walk on the beach. This beach is full of the unique rock formations and the other kind of the wild life. Another highlight is the hotel of the kangaroo island and best way to book the hotel is to book a hotel with a good view on top floors.

How can you go to the kangaroo island?

There is a ferry service which is operated by the island and it takes the people from the town of the Penneshaw as well as Cape Jervis to the island. The kangaroo island is not a small island but it is spread on 96 miles. If you are planning to explore the entire island, then you would need to stay at least a weak. You could hire the cars to roam around the island to see different attractions or you could join a tour which would take you around.

Highlights of the kangaroo island:


The island is booming with fresh sea foods and the sea food restaurant serve the food from sea to table. Not only this is famous for its sea food but is also famous for the wines and beers. There is a festival held on this island in the months of the September and October in which the art and the local food is served and displayed. The famous kinds of the seafood which is found in this island includes oysters, cray fish which is a freshwater fish.

Kangaroos and koalas:

The reason why this island is named as the kangaroo island is because most of the kangaroo is found on this island particularly and not only kangaroos but also the koalas, swans as well as the goannas and echidnas. The birds on this island are also unique and are found in the evening time around 5 pm. In the sea you are greeted by the dolphins, seals and whales as well. In order to see the sea life, you could opt for the ocean safari of the island or the marine adventures which are both the services given by the island. For more information about kangaroo island and its beauty visit: www.kiguide.com.au